Unique blockchain technology for business.


Bringing Trust to the Digital Age

Qadre plans to redefine how we onboard, quantify, and manage trust in enterprise.

Through blockchain we will enable a world where accountability is a natural part of the digital world.

Qadre uses blockchain to solve problems surrounding trust in the digital world. Through a suite of products and solutions, Qadre provides tools to onboard and manage trust for individuals, organisations, and even physical goods; minimizing inefficiencies and opportunities for fraud.

We aim to ensure security is part of our core foundation, rather than a bolt-on feature, in order to bring accountability to the digital world.



We are creating a platform to deliver the building blocks for managing identity and trust in the digital world.

We are working with clients to identify products that can deliver on this promise.

We intend on building a suite of tools that complement and integrate with each other, operating under a shared umbrella.


Optimising blockchain to deliver tangible benefits for business.



Blockchain Explained

Blockchain Technology is a combination of  three well understood technologies that promises a transformative shift in how business is done.

The combination of peer-to-peer networking, database systems and cryptography allow for the better facilitation and management of trust in a digital world.

Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger for storing information. The security that comes innate in a blockchain ensures that transactions are trusted without the need for expensive third parties.  Blockchain allows accountability, security, and speed to complete transactions, something that is lacking in today’s business world.

We implement our own superior blockchain to solve current problems as we see them.



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