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Bringing Trust to the Digital Age

Qadre is a blockchain provider that provides a suite of services to help companies onboard trust into the digital world. Over time we have constructed our own unique, entreprise grade blockchain structure on top of which we build products that can be used to optimise business processes.

Qadre uses blockchain to solve problems surrounding trust in the digital world. Through a suite of products and solutions, Qadre provides tools to onboard and manage trust for individuals, organisations, and even physical goods; minimizing inefficiencies and opportunities for fraud.

We aim to ensure security is part of our core foundation, rather than a bolt-on feature, in order to bring accountability to the digital world.



What We Do

Qadre offer a range of services including everything from blockchain consultancy to delivering tangible blockchain solutions that work for your business. Our technology integrates with legacy systems in a cost effective and easy to use manner.



We have created a platform to deliver the building blocks for managing identity and trust in the digital world.

We work with clients to identify products that can deliver on this promise.

We have built a suite of tools that complement and integrate with each other, operating under a shared umbrella.



Optimising blockchain to deliver tangible benefits for business.



Qadre brings together expertise in all the areas that enable a successful IT project. Expertise ranges across: the Technology, Regulation, Policy, Legal, Academia, and Change Management.

The Qadre team has been at the cutting edge of the blockchain space since early in its inception, having delivered and developed many of the world’s firsts of practical blockchain applications, including: the first blockchain platform for trade finance for an international clearing house, the first ever international transfer of humanitarian aid utilising blockchain, the first ever system to transact energy utilising a blockchain for a FTSE 100 energy company, the first ever blockchain to be approved by the UK Government and one of the first blockchain projects to be entered into the FCA sandbox.

Parallel to delivering world-firsts, we also have a proven track record of high-quality project delivery with: a consortium of luxury good manufacturers (including LVMH, Rolex, and Piaget), an international advertising plc, and a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform that raised over $1.5bn in 2017.

Alongside a proven track record of delivery with both large-cap and startups we have extensive experience with the regulation and the surrounding ecosystem. We work with both the House of Commons and Lords on various working groups and Gov’t publications. We also work with Government bodies (OTS, FCA, HMRC) to help develop their view of blockchain.


We Are Hiring!

We are looking to rapidly expand our team in the coming months, if you or someone you know is experienced or interested in building blockchains for enterprise, please get in touch. While we have a variety of advertised roles coming out, don't be discouraged if you don't see one specific to you - we are always happy to have a discussion about your ambitions if you are hungry to grow, have a great attitude, and love breaking things!


TO APPLY: Please submit your CV to contact@qad.re


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