My First Web Summit with Qadre

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to represent Qadre by attending Web Summit in Lisbon. I had heard rave reviews about the event and having helped organise its Hong Kong based sister conference, Rise I had a taste of what to expect. The 60 000 attendees had the chance to attend fascinating talks and meet iconic people from all areas of the tech space in a huge conference centre by day and the ancient city of Lisbon by night.

As a Qadre representative I had the opportunity to discuss our blockchain technology in meetings and with delegates who had varying knowledge of the concept. A common thread, however, was the keen sense of interest that everyone I spoke to expressed and the excitement of blockchain applications outside the scope of crypto-currencies. We are at a point where there is a vast acknowledgement of all of blockchain’s use cases as separate from the saturated discussions of Bitcoin.

Attending talks on blockchain within the conference was interesting as we are starting to see people really engage with the technology and to apply it to real world problems. At a panel discussion on “Where blockchain will disrupt next,” healthcare and supply chain were the areas where blockchain was identified to have the most impact. Qadre have been extraordinarily focused on these with our product development and client work. Our products currently focus on these areas with anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals products and applying blockchain to supply chains.

Behind all the hype of the new buzz word “blockchain” it is important to recognize that it is not a technology that will magically fix every problem. Rather it is vital that we recognize blockchain for it’s true uses and find the cases to which it will best be applied and then apply it in the most effective way. In most cases, if blockchain does offer an effective solution the architecture of the system will be pivotal to its success. Blockchain does, however, have the potential to stream-line processes and help people, in the industries where it can be applied.

Lucie Munier