On a mission to modernise financial markets.

About us

We build fintech solutions to remove friction, deliver certainty and enhance experiences for both people and business.

Qadre is a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty and modernise financial markets with the blockchain.

At the heart of everything we create is Huski. The modular platform provides the fundamental building blocks to cryptographically manage the transfer of value – rapidly, reliably, and seamlessly integrated in several live environments.

The Qadre team is behind the earliest and most innovative blockchain projects to date. Using this proven expertise, we collaborate with the public and private sectors alike to drive policy, regulation and cultural change.

Meet the team

Our story

Blockchain for business

Our founding team has been in the space for ten years — which for blockchain is truly ancient! They recognised early that blockchain has a lot of potential beyond cryptocurrency and can make capital markets more inclusive, reliable and seamless.

Our mission

Delivering certainty

We’re on a mission to unbundle finance horizontally and empower businesses to interact directly with greater certainty, efficiency, and value.

Dedicated to creating value

Our people

Our team is full of diverse experiences, backgrounds and skills – determined to make a difference and fully dedicated to creating value for our clients.

Meet the team

How we lead, work and behave

Our values

  • Understand complexity, deliver simplicity
    • We communicate simply, with clarity and avoid jargon. We don’t make our audience feel stupid – we explain ourselves well, even if something feels obvious already.
    • We build solutions that are intuitive and seamless, whilst all the complexity that is inherent to the technologies we use is securely locked in “under the hood”.
    • We do the hard work to deliver simple solutions to our clients.
    • We refine, automate and streamline our processes and don’t install process for the sake of it.
  • Own your outcomes
    • We take pride and ownership of our successes and failures.
    • We make the right decisions, even when they’re the hardest decisions. Once a decision has been made, we commit fully.
    • We make our organisational structure, roles & responsibilities, OKRs (targets) transparent and enforce accountability.
    • We develop technology where trust and accountability are default and in-built.
    • We ensure regulatory compliance and client protection in everything we do.
  • Never settle
    • We set ambitious goals, measure progress and do not stand still.
    • We question everything, voice our opinions and challenge each other.
    • We fail fast and forgive quickly – we never make the same mistake twice.
    • We support self-development, growing and learning constantly as a company, team and individually.
    • We work continuously to develop better solutions for our clients and test our technology rigorously.
  • See the bigger picture
    • We think about the broader, global and long-term implications.
    • We work as a team, instead of working in silo. We think about the collective best interest.
    • We recognise that we are doing ground-breaking work. We embrace the unknown and are comfortable making decisions without perfect information at hand.
    • We respect and celebrate differences. We value the unique skills we can bring to the company.
    • We believe there’s more to tech than blockchain. We designed Huski to be interoperable and seamlessly integrated with other technologies.
    • We consider work-life balance and our mental and physical wellbeing to be crucial. We bring our real selves to work.

Careers at Qadre

We love working with great people

We are always on the lookout for talented, creative problem-solvers to support us in our mission to make blockchain real for business. Join our dynamic team and fast-paced office environment in the vibrant area of King’s Cross.

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