Qadre’s two year anniversary

Blockchain years are like dog years. At Qadre this is definitely true — not only because of our passion for our four-legged friends but also because the sector and technology move incredibly fast.

Two years in the blockchain space is like fourteen years anywhere else. Our founding team has been in the space for nine years — which for blockchain is truly ancient! They came to the space recognising that the technology underlying bitcoin may not solve all the world’s problems but could be useful in applications other than a cryptocurrency — whilst keeping in mind that any technology is only valuable with a really solid use case behind it. They really shaped the narrative from the very first moment. Laura Bailey, Imogen Bunyard, Ashley Kemball-Cook, Dave Smith, and Nick Williamson came together as Qadre for a common purpose: to make blockchain real for business.

Since then we have come a long way:

  • We built our own proprietary blockchain technology with the needs of industry in mind. A modular, energy-efficient platform that provides the fundamental building blocks for cryptographically managing identity and trust, which has been designed from scratch as a database for private, permissioned networks, rather than as a cryptocurrency.
  • The UK government selected our framework as the first approved blockchain technology, it being awarded a place on the G-Cloud 8 platform, the official Government Digital Marketplace for public sector organisations, to procure cloud and digital services and take advantage of blockchain technology.
  • We licensed our government-approved framework to SETL, a renowned financial services infrastructure provider and fintech, that initially built on our technology. This was followed by several successful projects with financial services players such as Euroclear and SIX Securities Exchange.
  • Our tech is currently live in several environments: from fund management and shipping to sustainable homes and social impact — we are working with several startups that are using our platform to solve real business problems across sectors.

Our leadership team have become trusted partners to key industry players and trade bodies, such as techUK and Innovate Finance. We collaborate with parliament, industry, and regulators alike, including the FCA, EU Parliament Innovation Group and APPG Blockchain, to drive policy, cultural changes, and a shift in mindset.

  • In 2018 our core technology has successfully passed stringent unit testing from an external provider with minimal feedback.
  • Laura and I have made it onto the Innovate Finance Women in Fintech Powerlist 2018. Out of 1,200 nominations they recognised us for making our mark as fintech leaders.
  • We’re excited to have moved into our new snazzy offices at King’s Cross and that many new brilliant people have decided to join the Qadre team.
  • and so much more …

What’s life like as part of the Qadre team?

There is something special about this company. I have only worked here for six months (so in dog years over three years?) but it feels like I’m part of the furniture already. Having worked in finance and blockchain before, it didn’t take long to get started and hit the ground running — and this environment just allows you to get on with it.

Qadre is run by a bunch of smart, ambitious people with an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds and skills. This allows us to make educated decisions and cover a wide range of the roles and responsibilities needed in a tech company.

What really struck me when I first joined— apart from the great benefits programme given the early stage of the company (I love the fruit, the yoga, the occasional glass of prosecco) — was how everyone has a stake in the business. People truly care. Everyone will have an opinion on how the company is best run and voice it.

Yes, it’s not all roses. Like in any startup — especially those specialised in an emerging technology in its infancy that is dependent on network effects — we are faced with challenges and have to take difficult decisions on the way. As we grow we need to constantly measure, fail fast, and continually reinvent ourselves and refocus our efforts.

We have come a long way. Last week it was important for us to pause a moment to celebrate these achievements and thank our rockstar Qadre team for their hard work.

We have an exciting road ahead — join us!

At Qadre we are more committed than ever to developing enterprise fintech solutions using our proprietary technology stack which increases trust, removes friction and enhances experiences for next-generation businesses.

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