Qadre's Projects


Qadre’s blockchain technology inserts trust and accountability into supply chains in order to combat anti-counterfeiting in the

  • pharmaceutical industry  
  • luxury goods market


The length of supply chains increases the potential points of attack. This in turn leads to massive losses to industry while also revealing little information regarding the weak points.



Qadre's Solution

We introduce both hardware and software into the packaging of these products, we are able to track products from the manufacturer to the consumer, providing not only a guarantee to the consumer that it has not been tampered with but also the ability to hold any third party that attempts to do so accountable.

We use NFC technology to ensure that the individual has custody of the item at every stage of the supply chain. If a breach occurs then the NFC tag will be broken and will no longer be able to verify its identity. It will be evident where in the supply chain a breach has occurred and who is accountable.

The outcome is the disoncentivisation of malicious actors  to tamper with items as they will be held instantly accountable. It also allows manufacturers to have better information about their supply chain and so will be able to protect it more effectively.

Our solution allows one to track the physical object, in real time, in the real world.