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About Huski


We made it our priority to meet the needs of business and built Huski as a database first.

Huski is a private, permissioned and energy-efficient platform for companies to cryptographically manage any exchange of value – rapidly, reliably, and seamlessly, integrated in any environment.

We built Huski to be intuitive and seamless. Its modular structure allows you to use the functionalities you need to solve your specific business problem – alongside existing IT infrastructure.

Huski brings unprecedented accountability and data integrity to any network, using advanced cryptographic techniques such as public-key infrastructure. This means you can leverage all the benefits of a secure application without having to sacrifice a quality user experience.

Our framework has been perfected since 2013, has passed comprehensive testing and was selected by the UK government as the first approved blockchain technology.

How Huski is different

  • Data security

    Huski uses advanced cryptographic functions to provide unparalleled data security. All of your data will be stored safely, timestamped, and attributed to a verified identity – providing an audit trail of all transactions.

  • Easy adoption

    Written as an easy-to-use and proven Python library, Huski can be integrated rapidly without having to learn complicated, application-specific programming languages.

  • Seamless integration

    Blockchain is only one technology amongst many. Seamlessly integrate Huski with other databases and existing applications in your IT infrastructure.

  • Fully modular

    We have developed Huski to suit business needs. Use only the functionalities you need to quickly and efficiently solve your specific business problem – in any environment.

  • Driving automation

    Put an end to the tedious manual reconciliation of ledgers. Huski reduces duplication efforts by providing the single version of the truth to all participants of a network transparently, in real-time.

  • Energy-efficient

    Blockchain doesn’t have to consume huge amounts of electricity. Our consensus does not rely on complex, energy-intensive calculations to establish trust.

  • What our clients say

    “We built our solution on Ethereum originally but then switched to Corda which took us four weeks. We were amazed to see that the transition over to Huski took only six days!”
    Philip Daniel Fortio, CEO of Tokenblocks

  • What our clients say

    “Qadre is a leader in the UK enterprise blockchain scene. I have known the executive team since my earliest days working in blockchain and am an admirer of their passion, dedication and focus.”
    Helen Disney, CEO of Unblocked

  • What our clients say

    “Huski provides us with a protocol that is reliable and easy to use. It allows us to focus on serving our clients and the planet whilst staying true to our vision for the future of technology.”
    Luke Baker, CEO of MyResonance

  • What our clients say

    “Adopting Huski was extremely smooth. Our dev team knew Python already, the framework is easy to use and plugin and the developer support helped tremendously.”
    Philip Daniel Fortio, CEO of Tokenblocks

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