Managing your cap table just got easier.

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About Qcap

Shareholding, made simple.

Issuing shares in your company should be a simple process, but the reality is that most companies find it challenging and distracting:

63% of founders believe that issues experienced when managing their capitalisation table have impaired their ability to run their company and over two-thirds think that time spent on equity management would be better spent elsewhere.

So, we created QCap – an intuitive, easy, and cheap alternative to manually organising your cap table. QCap helps you to keep your shareholders happy and fundraise seamlessly, so you can focus on what really matters – running your business.

Why use QCap?

  • No expertise needed

    With our simple and intuitive onboarding and a no-jargon approach, we make managing your cap table a breeze.

  • Save time and money

    We do the hard work for you, managing the numbers and automating reporting to shareholders and the government for a small monthly fee – saving you up to £20,000 in legal fees and man hours.

  • Keeping shareholders happy

    Whether existing or new, shareholders can onboard themselves in minutes for a one-stop-shop where they can see how their investment is performing and receive updates from your team.

  • Prioritising security

    By using a database backed up by our private blockchain Huski, we make sure that your company’s data is secure against key person risks and data breaches.

Making fintech work for fintechs

Our latest report, in partnership with techUK, reveals how efficient equity management could unlock £2.6bn in funding for UK fintech.

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